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[Note: the US harcover edition was
Becoming Rich]


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The Winning Investment Habits of
Warren Buffett and George Soros

Follow the Leaders
By Jake van der Kamp
The Asian Review of Books on the Web, Friday 19 Nov 2004

Let Legends Teach You the Tricks
By Suki Lor
The Straits Times, Sunday 5 September 2004

Learn and profit from mistakes
By David Potts
The Sun-Herald, Sunday 26 July 2004

Where Buffett and Soros meet
By Graeme Kennedy
National Business Review, Friday 16 July 2004

An excellent book for all types of investor
This is by far the best book written on the subject of investment habits.
It clearly describes and explains the habits one would need to profit from the stock market. I would recommend this book to anyone who does not understands the phrase "Bulls make money, Bears make money, but Pigs get slaughtered!"

Reviews of the US edition:
Becoming Rich: the Wealth-Building
Secrets of the World's Master Investors
Buffett, Icahn, Soros

WebTV Interview with Mark Tier
BusinessWeek Online

Joe Bradley interviews Mark Tier

Uncommonly Good Advice
If you have even a small taste for profit, you might consider
filling your plate from Tier’s smorgasbord of investing wisdom
and indulging until your mind -- and wallet -- are full.
By Angele McQuade
Better Investing, June 2005

How to Become Rich: Lessons from Soros and Buffett
Tier's book is a great read, and I recommend it. It gets to the
essential reasons for the investment successes of Soros and
Buffett better than any other book I have read. More important, it
can get you to thinking about how you can apply their lessons
and reasons to your own investment approach, even if you
have a modest amount of money.
By Christopher Weber
The Weber Global Opportunities Report, 2 May 2005

Review of Becoming Rich
One of the most exciting investment books
to come down the pike in a while
Laissez Faire Books








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