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The Winning Investment Habits of
Warren Buffett and George Soros

“The Most Important Book on Investing since Charles MacKay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.”
Daniel Rosenthal, investor and business owner, San Francisco, CA

Absorbing reading, like a thriller! It’s new knowledge to me. Very valuable. I think it’ll help me invest a lot smarter!”
Peter Chen, accountant and novice investor, Sydney, Australia

“I just gave my dad a copy of your book for Christmas (he’s been involved in the sharemarket for the longest time) ... and he absolutely enjoys your book. He has read so many investment books and he reckons yours is one of the best he’s read.

Also, just the other day, on my flight home, the man next to me was reading your book so closely, and underlining things os carefully. Wow!"

Marie Chieng, sales executive, Singapore

I am a beginner investor, and I have just finished reading The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros. I find it tremendously useful for someone like me, to sort of start with a correct frame of mind. I am looking forward to finding and testing my own system.

Christina Siu , beginning investor, Australia

“To be frank, it’s not good, it’s... excellent! I mean it. For two reasons:

First, the style. It's really a pleasure to read. Very easy, even for a non-native English speaker. The exact word is: Fluent. It flows. Nothing stops the reading (except my work!).

I appreciate the metaphors, the analogies and the stories you tell: it makes the subject interesting, even to a non-initiate in finance.

I also like the link you create between the habits, beliefs, behaviors of Soros and Buffett, and their childhood, their lives. It makes the story very human instead of what it could have been: coldly financial.

Second, the content. The subject and the analyses are very interesting. It’s surprising to discover that Soros’ and Buffet’s beliefs and strategies are often opposite to the common ones. It gives a new meaning to things we all have experienced. I have, like many people, made some small investments. In reading the book I could easily make links with my own experience; getting a new understanding of mistakes that I made ...and that I could have avoided.

An unexpected effect is that it gave me the desire to go back to investing (I gave up everything 2 years ago after the crash).

Another unexpected effect is that I transposed some of the beliefs and habits to my business — and made some dramatic improvements!”

Laurent Gounelle, business owner, Paris, France

“Overall impression out of the box. As soon as it is published, I will buy 5 copies, one for myself and four to give to friends who came to immediate mind as I was reading it.

Even though I read the book in fits and starts in tiny windows of time, I never had to go back and catch up. I could always start where I had stopped with all that had gone before immediately in mind. Few writers can do this for me.

AND you have inspired me to get my lazy ass out of the index mutual funds and go back to work making money as I used to. I learned the market in the mid 60’s and what we have now is very similar to that time. In this market I can make money. Different industries, different companies. The fundamentals are the same and I learned them well.”

Bay Butler, professor of business, UC Davis, and tax professional
Loved your book on Buffet and Soros. It was very well written, in that the English was very easy to read, the ideas followed in a logical order and my interest was held throughout the whole book. At no time did I have to struggle to continue reading, at the small numbers am that is good going. It jelled very well with me and showed me some of my weak points. I was wondering what my field of expertise/interest was that would give me a narrow investment area when I received a strange phone call from a bloke in the US. Didn’t know him from a bar of soap, but he suggested I might like to invest in a certain area and my penny dropped big time.”
Gary Hannan, Sydney, Australia
A real page-turner. Fills in lots of gaps in my knowledge.”
Hugh Butler, CEO and Founder, Computer Consultants Corp.,
Salt Lake City, Utah

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